WDonegal Garden Society meets monthly from September to June each year with a varied programme of speakers, social events, plant sales and garden visits. A number of members participate in the Donegal Garden Trail. The purpose of the Society is to enable anyone interested in gardening to meet with others with a similar interest, and to share ideas, plants, experience and knowledge.

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A note about Summer 2018

I think we will be writing and talking about “The Summer of 2018” for a long while. Those who went on holidays to the Costa del Sol or any other “Costa” will have been kicking themselves. Lucky for me I was in Donegal thus seeing our garden and the other gardens I visited at their absolute best. Never have I seen roses looking better and a total absence of black spot, the flowers more vibrant, the growth astounding and the hisbiscus  which I had bought as a slip from my cousins garden and which has been a nice looking mature shrub for some years has for the first time 3 flower buds.Ano ther benefit of the heat was the that dinner meant eating alfresco every evening out on the back terrace while watching the Inver Regatta ladies going up and down the Eany river training for their competition not to mention the daily swims in the ocean which some hardy souls are continuing  to this day - rain or shine as the ocean is still quite ‘mild’. Well, the rains have come and while we certainly needed ‘some’ rain I fear that once it starts up in Donegal there seems to be no switch-off option. I think I will become one of those old(er) women who will speak with nostalgia about that SUMMER of Twenty-Eighteen when I was young(er)

Written by Hedi

Monthly meetings:

3rd September - Portnoo - Daffodils, starting from  scratch. Esker Daffodils from Omagh

1st October - Donegal Town Presbyterian Hall - “Irish Gardens Now” Shirley lanigan

Note change of email address to contact us: thedonegalgardensociety@gmail.com