This is the first of hopefully 4 newsletters this year.  2016 was a difficult year so I only managed one newsletter .  We’ve had a well-attended AGM and have a some new faces on the Committee –or at least in new positions. (see under ’news in brief’ on page 3)  As always with a new year, there is also new enthusiasm and hopefully that will be reflected with some good programs and speakers.  After the very successful visits to some amazing gardens last year we hope we can offer something along those lines again.  We have some great and, for our ’average’ age group,   very indefatigable  people who at this time every year have a look around their gardens and I AM SURE will be adding ‘something’ to it….. Maybe a new bench, pot, fairy house, insect hotel, shed, architectural piece, or rock etc, but at the very least I am convinced all of us will also add some more plants.!!!  (goes without saying)!  It’s been a little stop/start this spring—just when you think it might actually get warm (we did have some dry sunny days) we get another wallop of sleet and frost  (ice on the pond) plus an even bigger wallop of damaging winds but despite that, Spring is here, frogs are doing their thing in the pond and the slugs and their sluglets are alive and well and munching away.  I wish somebody would give me a good botanical need for slugs maybe then I would feel better about having some specimen plants reduced to an unsightly mess.


Being a relative newcomer to the DGS I find I have taken on the job of Chairperson & PRO for the current year. I joined the society four years ago  enjoy the group very much. All the hard work that the committees have done to organise events and speakers and to keep the whole thing running smoothly is very much appreciated. hope myself and the current committee can continue in the same vein. As with most clubs/societies funding is always a difficultyso we will do our best to get speakers on a budget! Each one of you as members of the society will have a different network of people, so if any member knows of speakers/topics that would be of interest /available to speak, please bring the information to the committee.As PRO I will endeavour to get our speakers/events in local newspapers in the hope that this attracts new people to attend and they may even also putting up posters in the following areas - Donegal Town, Mountcharles, Dunkineely,  Killybegs and Ballyshannon.  Now, it is not possible for me to travel everywhere to put up posters, so a copy of the poster for each upcoming event will be emailed to each menberand if members could print out even one of these and put it up in your local area that would be fantastic. People can’t attend if they don't know it is on and there is a general consensus that we need new people, so its  important to get the word out there anyway we can

I have started a Face Book page:// and I would ask those who use FB to feel free to post photos /garden related topics on there. Anyone can look at the page even if you are not a FB member. Looking forward to the year and working with the other committee members and hope the weather continues to be so mild.                   Regards,  Eileen